Make Affiliate Income by One Time Working

I have been interacting with new Internet marketers and all pointed me to same thing of creating landing page and advertising through PPC. More users pointed me to various ways but they didn’t looked to impress with their ideas.

I was interacting to new marketers – looking at the mind behind their work and all were just following the same way, which is available all through Internet.

But since I don’t like to follow the old methods and my blog is all about making money through new methods – so here is another method which I have followed and worked for me and could work for you also – as this method can work for any niche.

The Method of Making Money
Landing pages may be having the good conversation ratio in compare to other methods for affiliate sales – but the method I am going to highlight is somewhat same – but with a difference.

I know and have pointed in my earlier post that making landing pages is not possible for all people around Internet. Therefore, you can do the following:

  1. Write an article or two related to your niche with keywords in it – if you can’t then there are many services available – you can get your article written in not more than $20-$25.
  2. Submit this article to top Internet article directories – in this also other people can help you – as they offer article submission related services.
  3. Now, back to your article – either makes the keywords highlighted or as required in article directories – the URLs to be written in resource box.
  4. Here comes the trick – try URL shorting method to shorten the URL of your affiliate site and apply this to submitted articles.
  5. You are done – you will gain money with organic traffic – that is drawn with the article popularity and search engine traffic.

This is the easiest of method by which you can make money by working one time – though this method requires refreshing the articles, i.e., by submitting new articles after some interval – but this method can easily work for two months.

You can have various others method with this to enhance the popularity and earn more – but if you don’t want to work continuously for making money – apply this.

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