Make Money from Mobile Phone Apps

There are few mobile phone apps in the market, which actually pays you to use them. These are the apps, which are available on Android, Blackberry and iPhone. In some apps you don’t get the real money – but some gifts – but in some of the apps you actually get paid to use them.

Below are the Apps, which Pays you to use them.

1. Gigwalk –
This is the iPhone app, which pays you to click the exterior of restaurants, its menu, verifying roadblocks etc. You get paid around $3-$5 per task – which only takes a minute to complete. You get paid via PayPal. Their android version will be available but when there is no word on it

2. Field Agent –
This is the iPhone app. As per the name suggests it is similar to the Gigwalk app above and you need to complete short tasks of location, but it extends by providing you short survey tasks – mystery shopper etc. You get paid $2-$8 per task via paypal. They don’t have any android apps.

3. Check Points –
This app is available on both the platforms iPhone and Android. In this app you are paid to wherever you go – like checking in the grocery store or departmental stores and broadcasting yourself and also taking the pictures of the stuff you buy. Unfortunately you don’t get paid the real money – but instead you are given points for every task you complete – 300 points equals to $1 gift card.

4. WeReward –
This app is available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry. It pays you in points – You are required to picture yourself with the stuff you have bought from your local shops – like picture yourself with starbucks coffee cup. You get paid in points and 1000points needed for you to withdraw.

make money from mobile apps

5. AppRewards
This is a dedicated iPhone app. You are required to review or try other iPhone apps in order to earn points. Best part is – in some of the tasks you are just required to view the promotional video. You have to earn a minimum of 3500 points in order to cash out for a $10 credit in your paypal.

Though earnings are not great but still it can get you pay your phone bills – purchase some apps or pay your monthly mobile installment.

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