Make Money with New WP Auctions Plugin

There is new buzz around in this new month, and hopefully I think that this is a great starting for the month with some thing very new and really helpful for monetizing.

The new buzz is WP Auctions Plugin
This is awesome plugin for all those bloggers who actually want to have something to sell on their blogs in auction style. If you really are auction fan and want to sell things in auction style this could prove a perfect plugin.

This plugin is independent and does not crawl any auctions or listing. This is purely your auction. The best part is the user don’t have to register to bid for the item, user can simply enter his name and email id and the bidding amount.

Some De-merits
This cannot be used with full dedication, as you do not have any binding on the user who bids for your item, since this can only be termed as a friendly auction for your blog.

On the other hand will also be helpful in making some real money, as you don’t have to pay any one for this listing.

Applicable For
This plugin is only available for wordpress publishing platform users.

Download WP Auctions Plugin for FREE

To download your copy click here

Setup Instructions

  • After you have downloaded this plugin just unzip, and upload the entire “wp_auctions” folder in the plugin folder using any FTP program.
  • Login to admin section of your blog and go to “Plugins” tab and activate it.
  • After activating you will get a new widget of WP Auctions.

Since this script can be fully customized as per your needs. So follow the simple steps below for customization:

  • Go to your “WP Auctions” tab and click on “Options”. Give a heading for your auctions like “Ipod Auction”, currency and your email address.
  • You can add new auctions by clicking on the “Add” tab.
  • Manage your auctions from the “Manage” tab.

Other Tips for WP Auctions
When all is done and you auction is up, don’t forget to register your auctions rss feed on WP Auctions Live Auctions page. As this will give more boost, exposure and also FREE traffic.

The best to sell in this kind of auction would be the blog posts and also the advertising space. As there is less risk involved and decent profit to make.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for writing about the plugin. But I would advise readers here not use his download link as he is using the plugin to profit off it. When it’s freely available on our site.

    I’m sure you can think of better ways to make money online. Try using our plugin, it might help.

  2. Good Comment Hyder!

    I really like the honest criticism, see now the post is moderated. Thanks for pointing that i was making money writing review about your plugin.

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