Make Money with Wallpaper or Image Sites

Making a wallpaper site always looks interesting as these sites draws heavy traffic – and its all the way easy to start with. You can get good quality wallpapers or images easily.

We have to believe that these kinds of sites is the favorites of most of the people on Internet. But the question arises of income because its no charity and its hardcore business – so need to have profits to stay in business.

Question of Making Money
I have been recently asked this question by a user of webmaster forum in PM about monetizing these kinds of sites as this is the biggest issue.

You need to realize that if you are having CPC ads then these ads mainly work with content – written text – and as your site is having just the images and almost negligible content so its hard for CPC ads to place the meaning-full ads for your site.

Therefore, this leads to less earning – but you can alter a bit to have content.

Having Content on Wallpaper or Image Sites
You can tweak your site to have much meaning full ads to generate good amount of money.

1. You need to have good and innovative titles for your images.
2. You need to have some nice and unique description for your images.
3. Place the ‘alt’ text for your image – this helps much.
4. Look at the placement and place your ads just beside the description.

Having content embedded on your images or wallpaper sites can easily increase your income. This would also enhance the traffic for your site.

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