More Updates on Revenue Sharing

As you might have read my previous post about this blog is being revenue sharing now – so there is some more updates regarding that.

Revenue sharing the word itself describes that you would share the revenue of this blog – that is made by adsense. I have had few queries regarding this; therefore I am clarifying them all.

Revenue Sharing Module
As this blog marks revenue sharing – this does not mean that per click income of adsense will be split in to 50-50. You will get your complete per click income. The revenue sharing module works like – your adsense will be displayed 50% of the time on this blog.

You are Safe
If you write article could someone other profit from it – the answer is NO. On your written article only your adsense id will be displayed and not any other writer. This is to protect your safety and effort.

Who will Pay?
It is the obvious question of all – you will be paid by adsense only – there is no interference on that – this serves like you are sharing a part of the blog and making an income off it.

The minimum requirement for this is your post/article must have some sense – written in English with minimum of 200-words that’s it!

Easy to follow and make income; therefore Register Here and start earning.

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