My Story with Performancing Ads

I am really in surprised state of mind now. I have always landed in a situation where no one else had ever been. Few days ago I have written a blog post about performancing ads network and you also must have seen in some other blog networks also that they are been blogged about.

The Reason of Surprise
I have blogged about them and explained that how their working is and how could you make more money from them. Also I received many hits and comments about the post and I was really enjoying the fact that some other network is their who really care about bloggers and pays fairly.

Now, this all talk is not about my surprise – I am surprised about the fact that the region on my blog has been booked for so long and they have only paid me once. Now even the listing has expired they are not able to remove that.

If this is not enough for you then I have something more, even I am mailing them through their contact form present in the website but receiving no response of whatsoever.

Don’t Know What’s the Matter
They have actually paid me once of some advertisements booking. Since then I have not received anything from them and also nothing has been updated in my account area of performancing ads but the region is booked as I see advertisement on my blog.

As I said above that I have contacted them and wrote everything and asked them to reply and I also wrote that if I don’t receive a satisfactory reply or a no reply then I will discontinue the performancing ads. Then also I have not got any reply from them.

I don’t know what is the case with other people or bloggers, but they have done this to me. I will be removing the performancing ads from my blog in next 24hours.

If you also have come across with such kind of gestures from performancing ads then do say your story here. It will be a good feedback for other bloggers.

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