Myth About Adsense in Adwords

New policies I am very depressed – my earnings are down – Google made a strict policy which ruin down my business, stop saying like this. If you are the one who has been saying like this. Then just hold on, you have myth about the policy change.

I have seen and my blog users have also sent me this question that due to the policy change in adsense they can’t advertise the website which has adsense code in it. But it’s not true.

Google is not an unfriendly site, may be the policies could be strict but they take initiative to protect users only.

The question is consideration is “You can still advertise your site with adsense code in it in adwords”. The policy has changed but Google has not restricted to advertise the adsense website in adwords. They have only made it bit strict and fair.

Google has clearly mentioned in the adsense policies that you can advertise the adsense embed pages but your advertisement should not be deceptive to the users. In other sense, just advertise the exact matter related to the content in your website. Do not mislead the users who have clicked the adwords to visit your site.

Just visit the adsense policy page and see the “Site And Ad Behavior” on the last point they have clarified their policy

For example
Many MFA (made for adsense) sites do this thing. They don’t have any product to give out, they simply write an article about the subject and advertise on adwords that visit the website to get this product, but they don’t have the product; they tend to mislead the user and make their earning from adsense.

Google policy is imposed on these types of publishers who tend to mislead and make their earning from adsense. But if you clearly write in adwords about the site that “for getting more information on the subject please visit the site” or “know more about the xx product.” These are fair advertisements and Google has no problem in it, since you are advertising that your website has the information and not the “product”.


So, rest depends on you if you were the MFA site publisher then sorry there is no good news for you. But if you are the real information seller then you need not to worry and enjoy your adsense earning as before.

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