New Affiliate Marketing Trick – Success Assured

You must have read on my previous blog posts where I mentioned that I am thinking of some other affiliate marketing tricks. Hope you remember. So, good news is finally I have made it to happen.

Affiliate Products
Before I talk to you about the trick of marketing affiliate program, I need to mention that affiliate marketing is a serious work to do and no kidding should be done with it. As it will not give you any output rather hampering your reputation with the advertiser. Therefore it’s better to avoid black hat affiliate tricks to maximize affiliate earning, and not giving profit to advertiser.

In my previous posts I have also mentioned about this that if you profit from advertiser then advertiser also profits from you, as you need good advertiser to market affiliate products same is the situation with the advertisers they also need good affiliate marketers to market their products. So, always try to make win-win situation for all.

People Try
Usually people try PPC ads to market their affiliate products and also some classifieds, I have also mentioned this on multiple occasions that use these to market affiliate products as they good output ratio.

One the contrary, for PPC you have to create landing pages, as there is a policy change in adwords. So, my trick is for all those who actually don’t know or just try to skip creating a landing page.

My Trick
Since this has been in my mind for long time, and also I think that no one else has written about affiliate marketing through placing classified ads with encrypted affiliate links. My trick is just an expansion to this.


Just buy some space in high traffic website, not the high PR. Place your affiliate banner hosted by this website itself and with your affiliate link encrypted.

The profit is the space you buy. You don’t have to pay on per click basis as you get this space on monthly basis also your affiliate banner is online for 24×7. You can also buy space for one affiliate product on multiple sites with the half of the budget you spend on PPC network.

To buy advertisement space give first preference to blogs those are of the same niche as of your affiliate product, and then the normal websites. As blogs usual relate well and the output is also good.

Therefore this is the simplest of all affiliate-marketing tricks and your marketing cost is also reduced, hence the exposure remains the same.

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