Now Earning Share War Situation

There has been a lot offers about money making last month, and this month is not behind. One of the exciting updates has happened and now I think the situation is created among the affiliate programs or PPC network companies to pay more to their users.

Now its ClickSor
You must have seen the full page ads which were brought to you by adbrite, it serves like when you click on the link to go to next page, till the next page opens an advertisement of full page is served to you with a skip button on the top.

I actually have not figured out how much it was with adbrite. Clicksor has just now launched the fullpage ads which they call as “Full page Inter-Ads”.

The real good news is clicksor is providing very exciting earning starting from $5.4 CPM. Yes its true!

The Situation

I think the price war has started and companies are looking to attractive more users by giving them nice share for their earning.

We all have just seen the case of CJ and Pepperjamnetwork. All the advertisers of CJ which were not paying that much amount in CJ have started paying more amount in Pepperjamnetwork.

Also with PJN the advertiser approves almost instantly or within few hours but the same advertiser on CJ don’t look at the request for nearly 10days. I have tried this and then only landed to this conclusion.


Therefore, not only the companies try to attract users/publishers with the high earning programs they are also keen in looking at their customer service. As with TLA, all of time when I have submitted a support ticket to them I have received almost instant reply and also the answer is exactly what is needed.

All publishers nice time to start your affiliate career as these days all companies pay good, this is only on you to select the best available niche or type of program you want and you get set go.

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