Now You Can List Your Website For Sale FREE

From a long time I have been seeing the sites for selling websites and other digital products, and these sites do charge hefty listing and success fees. Which for the normal users who actually want to earn something by doing the website selling business becomes impossible.

I don’t want to point the names – everybody knows them, there charges are huge and they do charge success fees. Since, then I wanted to start something similar in order to support the Webmaster community. is the Place
The new section on the Infogle is the initiative to support the Webmaster community – by offering the users to list their websites, domains, scripts, and templates for free. This is the feature packed section with all the features required by any of the website selling business place.

You will get FREE $10 credits instantly after signup – which you can use to list your stuff. All listing are instantly approved.

This website do have phone verification system – but we have currently disabled and it will be started soon.

There are ways to promote your auction listing, which you can get when you visit the promotion link in the auction listing. Various ways you can accept payment from the buyers and best of all you don’t have to pay the success fees. We will do all the necessary steps required to keep the community healthy and spam free.

Therefore, List Your Website for Sale – FREE on >

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