Paid Links Earning with Nofollow Gesture

We all know how Google acts when its crawler sees the site has paid links. These are usually detected with the pre-programmed crawlers and also there is one more thing that Google hates most. The dofollow links, not exactly Google hates but it’s much about the PR ratio that depends on dofollow and nofollow links.

Due to this many publishers and bloggers are not comfortable in advertising any paid links or dofollow links on their blogs or websites. I know this affects much to the earning as these paid links give a very healthy earning to any bloggers or webmasters.

This is the name of the solution, which provides you the paid links on your blogs, or websites and the main criteria of providing paid links to you that these links are not dofollow links. Links are nofollow links.

The website is clean and simple and easy to start with. Attractive thing is that it provides nofollow links as paid links. Easy signup and within seconds you can start your publisher account. Just create a widget for your blog or website by filling in the details that’s also not more than 30second task.

You will get a code just place it on your website or blog. So the startup is very easy.

The best thing is you can set your own pricing for the paid links, which you like. I do think this is not fair enough as it will give rise to price war and we all know when its price war the prices are always slashed.

You will be paid when reached $10 minimum balance. There’s a referral program too, which pays you $3 per referral.

Best Part
Apart from nofollow links the best part of LinkShowOff is the paid links are provided in the form of widget which you can easily place in the sidebar of your blog or website that means you have the freedom of link placement too.


Improvement Part
The website is still new and building. But there is a scope of improvement, as users don’t get to choose the size of the widgets they are placing the widgets are predefined and you can just modify the colors.

So, just give it a try to see if this proves good for your and your site or blog. LinkShowOff is the destination.

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