Patience – Revenue Sharing Blog and Spammers

From the last few weeks I have kept my patience on my revenue sharing blog – and not took the happenings seriously. This may be the only reason that spammers took over my revenue sharing blog.

They keep posting duplicate articles – advertising and all kinds of material that obviously I will not approve. Though I have emailed few spammers and asked them to stop doing these kinds of things and explained that all your effort and time is wasted, as I don’t approve your post – but I guess they are enjoying the stay on my blog.

Must for Revenue Sharing Blog
Not only on my revenue sharing blog – but the following tips are to be used in any revenue sharing blog – to keep yourself active and get your post approved by admin.

  1. The Content should be unique.
  2. You should not post advertising content.
  3. You can post review of products – related to the niche.
  4. Don’t post too many links in the post – this might irritate the admin.
  5. Never ever try to spam.

If you don’t follow these – then most probably you will get banned from the network.

I have had enough now – now I will start banning people who submit the content that is not suitable for my blog. As few people don’t understand the meaning of warning.

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