Plan Your Presentation for Selling

During recession period its most important of how you present your stuff that you are selling – because no one is ready to buy it on first occasion. But it’s also true that if you present your stuff nicely it will still penetrate the buyer’s mind to finally buy the product.

Therefore you need to take care of some stuff that is necessary when you are trying to sell a product of service – in my previous posts I have written about adding a value to the product during recession that helps in a better selling.

Necessary Points
You need to consider some of the following points when you are selling some product or subscription:

For Product
It is always advisable when you are selling your stuff in a slow economy that you cut down the prices – but I will rather suggest not cutting down but also giving some less if you have decreased the amount of your sale.

Then after the sale you need to present with the extension product, which is actually your main product, but you are not selling it on first instance you are just selling the customer a part of it – therefore if customer likes the product – they will definitely go for the full version.

The benefit will be on both the sides your sales will be boosted and customer is also given a value and also an option to accept the next version.

For Subscription
You only need to give stress on the bundle selling when you are selling your stuff during the recession because bundled stuff is always good as it clears your stock and customer is also given an advantage to buy more and pay less.

Also as it’s the subscription product so customer can pay partly and enjoy the whole range of products.

The only thing you need to keep in mind when you are selling that you not only have to give your product for less but also add some more stuff to the same. And give customer the freedom to pay you on month-on-month basis.

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