PPC over SEO in Some cases

It is not always that SEO is great – there are situations, which can make SEO better – but there are other situations, which can make SEO worse. I have had written previously about choosing SEO over PPC – but as with the changing scenario and increasing competition – I have considered to give that topic an addon.

I am still in favor of SEO – but there are few situations that can really turn your SEO efforts worse.

SEO Situation
Lets now talk about the serious situations where you want to reap up a quick profit but depending on SEO would delay that profit.

For example: If you are trying to optimize “work at home” keyword – it would take ages to optimize and for your work at home site you want instant profit – this is when PPC comes in to play.

As with PPC you can easily draw traffic to your site and make profit – on the other hand if you depend on SEO for this – then it will be of no-result. Since, it is highly competitive keyword and if you compare the expense – I think PPC would take over in that also.

This was just the general example – and there might be many other keywords, which might take ages to optimize, and basically your profit would be delayed.

Therefore, you select the need first and then opt for SEO or PPC.

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