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There is a hidden writer in everyone – everyone has a story – everyone wants to share it – but most of the people just write and can’t able to find a publisher for their work.

Though, their writing is great but publishers don’t usually cater all people, so the manuscripts goes wasted and so as all of their efforts.

Solution for Writers
Now, there is a simple solution for all these people who think that they can write and share the knowledge with the world, but don’t think they are good in finding a publisher or marketing their books.

No need to worry, there’s been a company who has been listening to all these and has come up with a win-win solution.

CreateSpace is such a company who is providing this fruitful solution for all the writers. You can write on anything, any niche, and any topic; moreover what your heart desires. You are not bound of anything.

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

After your work is completed for publishing – just login to your CreateSpace account and submit the book – with the design of your book, if you don’t desire to design, you can have CreateSpace people to help you in it.

About Marketing
You decide your own pricing. Best of all there is no inventory storage issue, as this is published on-demand basis. Your book is even published on amazon.com and best of all – it is available as ebook for kindle downloads.

You get royalty for your sales, and as the book is added to amazon.com so affiliates can promote it.

Do take advantage of this offer and publish your work from the comfort of your home. Signup at CreateSpace

13 thoughts on “Want to Publish Your Book for FREE”

  1. Is the above info of book publishing for real? I’m desperate to publish my book and don’t want to go for self-publishing or POD.

    I can’t afford either one. Please let me know if this is genuine?


    1. Ofcourse its genuine. Because it comes from amazon and there is nothing to loose when you opt for this. its a FREE Signup to get you started – You get absolutely FREE ISBN number.

      I solely recommend this professional service.

      Hope this helps.

  2. I have written story book of 270 pages in Hindi language. I want to free publication. Is International Copy right require before free publication.

    What will be procedure ,kindly guide me.
    Thanking you.

    1. No. You dont require any rights. As written above in the post – just signup and upload your book. You will also get the FREE ISBN Number. You will get all tools to design your book cover.

      Hope this helps.

  3. 1)If I upload my book here,can I then publish it hard copy with a different publisher in my country?
    2)Will readers be able to copy my book and steal my rights since there is no copyright offered here? Will I have any legal recourse?
    3)What percentage of royalty do I get?

    1. As your questions:
      1: Yes, after you publish your book here – and later want to shift to some other publisher you can do it. No obligations whatsoever.
      2: Absolutely not – they cannot copy because you will get your own ISBN number.
      3: You decide your own royalty – how much price you want to keep that solely depends on you.

      Its easy to signup and upload your book as you can design your layout – you can even have affiliate promoting your hard copy copy – your book can even be converted to ebook for kindle downloads. So, publishing your book here gets a world wide coverage.

      Hope this helps.

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