Rate Your Blogging Career

Everybody on blogging space tell you how to do blogging – but there are very few people on blogosphere who will actually tell you to rate your blogging career – because rating your blogging career is necessary and this is to be done by the blogger only.

Why to Rate
Rating is necessary to self-judge yourself – and understanding what is going right and what is not going right for you. Blogosphere is changing rapidly, and you can’t stick with one method to make wonder for you.

Therefore, rating is much necessary for blogger.

Rate the Money Making
Rating is also necessary on the grounds of money you are making from your blog – because if you are not making much money or at least some money from your blog then continuing with the same style of blogging will not reap any benefits for you.

But, it is not that you should start thinking of making money from day one – you should make some minimum target and apply as much methods as you can for earning – and track every method in a span of time to check the performance – which is working right for you.

As you also know these days adsense is paying much lower click income – therefore switching to some other is good but trying the other means of advertisements on the same space is what beneficial.

Therefore, don’t depend on any ranking websites to rate your blog on terms of backlinks and all – the time has come that if your blog is more than 2-3 months old – you should start rating your blog on money making platform.

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