Recession and Blogging Interlinked or Not

We all are now aware of the fact that US economy is now under recession. Therefore affecting all the business in one or the other sense, and most of hit has been too the online business.

Problem Arising
I was reading threads in the forums about how sales are declined and how actually people are clicking but clicks are actually not pertaining to sales.

In some threads its also been said that actually the clicks are being dried and no traffic is coming to the sales programs.

More Badly Hit Areas

There more bad to follow, actually the more affected areas by this are the affiliate programs for sales, where people actually advertise with PPC network to produce sales. As the recession the people are now really up to buying and as the buying interests is less so clicks are less to these ads and hence affecting the sales.

Does it Mean Something in Blogging Sense
I was thinking about this that does it affects blogging too. I don’t think so, it may be for sales but advertising revenue will be on a rise. If you blog about a real good niche then probably the chances are your advertising revenue will increase.


Now, how do I come to this result? The basic thinking is that the advertiser as the products are not selling much so they will look for some new areas where they could advertise and if they find your blog good enough so they will seek your advertising offers.

Don’t Think The Other Way
This does not mean that every blogger will have its golden days the competitive environment is probably to rise more and for the beginners and advance level bloggers there is not much to reap about. It’s only the pro bloggers who will fill their pockets.

But this also does not mean that others bloggers will not make money. Other bloggers can make some good money by trying for get paid to post programs. Just see the get paid to post dashboard and you will see the opportunities are handful and you cannot complete them as there are much.

Though majority are paying between $5-$10 per post but since it will help you to stick to your blog and think positively and also some new programs are out to make you some extra money.

Best Time to Think New Ways
Therefore, this could be the time that you think more creative ways to make money and don’t forget I am always here writing about money making in any way it comes to me.

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