Revenue Share Up to 95%

Now, it’s the right time to write – few days ago I implemented the Google adsense revenue sharing on my blog. I have written quite a few posts about it and how you should and why you should go about writing in a revenue sharing blog.

My Decision
Its time to raise now – I have decided to raise the revenue sharing level up to 95%. Now, you can get large chunk for the articles you have written.

Adsense revenue sharing works simple – you write an article by registering yourself on my blog – I check your submitted articles – approve them and you start making money – from Google adsense.

It’s that Simple!

I duly welcome the new ideas – so if you feel like you are having any suggestions for any particular category to add or to edit – do let me know.

Once again, I want to tell you that adsense revenue sharing works individually and nobody has control over the earnings made – all earnings are instantly credited to your adsense account.

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