SocialSpark a New Wave for Bloggers

Have you seen social spark? This is just a dream paradise for every blogger. I think that this will create another revolution in the blogger community, as this seems to be a very powerful media to actually meet the real advertisers and blogger community in a whole.

SocialSpark Defines
I am pretty sure this will create such as spark within the blogger community that you can’t have without it. SocialSpark is a community which servers dedicatedly to only bloggers and their dream. Yes dream! I will tell you how. I also feel that SocialSpark people actually know the mind of bloggers and what bloggers actually need from social communities.

The Difference
You must have tried other social sites to make new friends and also have tried to market your blog with it, but they are not that much relevant as the bloggers are searching for the advertisers and sponsored post and SocialSpark is the place where you get the advertisers, other bloggers, and your free promotion too.

Like in any other social sites you can be sure that the person you are interacting is the blogger or any resourceful person who can indeed help you in your blog, but with SocialSpark its live home for a blogger.

SocialSpark is full of features; I will just highlight the features and you need to explore because there is a huge list of features:

  • Best Place: To meet other advertisers those are interested in your blog for paid blog posts or sponsorship.
  • Blogs: SocialSpark keeps a complete track of your visitors to your blog and alexa and also create your blogger profile, which indeed helps in promotion of your blog.
  • Free Promotion: This the best feature for every blogger, in SocialSpark you can create a “Spark” for your blog, in which you can mention about the happenings in your blog and also offer something for other bloggers. Exciting of the lot is you can pursue with an option to blog-back the blogger. This helps in creating a good back links for your blog and also in promotion. This opportunity is available for Free or Paid, both ways like you want to try and there is no limitation of creating a spark.
  • Props: As your blogger profile is listed on SocialSpark this also has a feature where you can with a click leave a prop or drop for the blogger, advertiser or spark.

Please do join me in SocialSpark; here is my blogger profile link.

More in SocialSpark
In the home page of SocialSpark, they have featured many things, such as hot blogs of this week, recent comments, marketplace activity, and most popular opportunities. Which could give you a glance of happenings in SocialSpark.

Therefore, SocialSpark is must for bloggers who are searching for promotion, advertiser and sponsorships. Just log in to SocialSpark and start exploring the benefits of the new wave in blogosphere.

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