Take Advantage of all and Monetize Your Blog

There are millions of blogs in the blogosphere and out of them good amount of ratio are of make money blogs and they all tend to write how they actually make millions of bucks – the other half of the blogosphere is revolving around them in seek of growing and at least make just a part of the millions of bucks the other half make.

Few basic things when you intent to make money from your blogs – one thing for sure don’t just push any one monetizing idea.

Your need to work at your blog – testing with monetizing ideas – but need to keep following points in mind for sure.

Keep In Mind

  • Don’t just implement CPA ads, as CPA is not the workable solution for all the blogs.
  • Implement CPA & CPM ads – as they prove best for all kind of niche – just a matter of fact you need to take care of the placements.
  • In view, if you are lusting for CPA ads only then mix them with CPA & CPM ads to greater monetize your content.
  • Apart from these two your also need to have any link advertiser to be advertising on your blog – like kontera – infolinks – TLA etc. As these take your blog to the next level and extract juice from your content keywords too.

Therefore try to take as much advantage as possible – since adsense has also being lenient of other network ads with their code – so break the barrier and hit the bucks BINGO!

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