The Consistency Principle

Everyone has at least one moment in their lives when they were ‘great’ for a while. It might be the first time hey said a word or when they took their first few steps as a child. Perhaps it was an exam they sat and passed.

The point is we have all tasted success at some point. The difference between the average person and the very successful is therefore consistency.

Repetitive Actions
It’s not rocket science. People who are very successful do things, which move them towards their goals on a daily basis. They keep doing the things, which bring them the results they desire.

It’s easy to do something well once. It’s easy to do something you don’t want to do once. Real power lies in the repetition of these moments.

A wealthy businessman once said, “You’re either consistent or non-existent”


We already have great consistency in our lives. Most of us regularly breathe, move, sleep, eat and drink like clockwork. You know how to be consistent.

The successful see no difference in taking regular actions to feed their dreams as they do to feed their stomachs.

You either become consistent towards your desires or you end up wasting most of your potential.

You Need To
Find someone you can be accountable to. Each week send them a list of what you have achieved during the week and include what you also planned to do yet didn’t complete.

Then write down your specific goals for a following week and repeat the process 7 days later. Get them to respond likewise. There’s great power in getting accountable for your actions

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