The Easiest Way to Make Money with CPA Lead

This is by far the easiest of method that I am telling you to make money with CPA lead – and indeed it works the best and you don’t have to work on it very much.

I am assuming that all people know about CPA lead and how it works – so I will start with the method directly.

The Method
You don’t have to do much for this – just login to your CPA lead account and click on surveys and depending on the kind of promotion you want to have click on that and make a choice of country – that’s also purely depends on you – on how you look at things.

Lets take an example you choose Canada as country now find the most attractive survey option – attractive survey tends to be some offer – where user gets anything for free – either a kind of membership or something for free and they just have to fill a minimum form for it. It has description too so go for it and choose.

Now, you will be presented with a short URL that belongs to CPA lead – this is the unique URL – a short URL for your affiliate link to a particular survey. Copy this URL and the description you want to copy then have the description of the advertiser only – or you can always create something more tempting.

Work Begins now: Now you have to go to classified websites; Craigslist and post a simple classified about the advertiser with your CPA affiliate link – just make sure you post in the required country classified – so only visitor pertaining to that country could see the advertisement.

I hope things are pretty clear and you will make money as any user clicks on your classified and fill the survey form. For this you method you don’t even have to create a website – neither you need any kind of stuff to add to your website and then promote.

It’s simply your affiliate link and CPA Lead advertiser’s landing page and nothing else.

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