Tricky Affiliate Marketing – Don’t try this

I was on Webmaster forums for some time now and recently felt that threads like “signup for free and get paid” are popping much these days. When I gone through the thread it was like “oh god! What these people are doing”.

What a Trick!
They are simply giving you the affiliate links from CPA programs (CJ and Shareasale etc) where the advertiser gives money for free signups (leads). People pay if you signup under them and some signups are free and they are ready to share income with you. Some of threads I read were as high as $10 per free signups.

Take a break, what the hell you are doing if you are paying someone to signup under you? Are you making money? Yes! But have you ever thought that what will happen to the advertiser who is letting you to signup for free to get a lead. No! Isn’t it!

So people if you are the one who have been posting such threads so stop here, this will give you instant profit but will not lead you anywhere. As, you are not thinking of the advertiser who is paying you. In the affiliate programs it’s a must that you think both ways to make profit. Your any such act will lead to loss to the advertiser and finally the advertiser quits from the CPA programs, if that is not the hell. Then advertiser will just cancel affiliation with you.


Stop This
Therefore, try the white hat steps to market your affiliate programs, never ever use such tricks, which could harm the advertiser, as in affiliate programs the ball is in advertisers court. If you will think about the right ways to make money from affiliate programs without plunging the advertiser aim, then you will surely make money.

Think of a long-term strategy while marketing affiliate program rather trying to make instant profits as instantly is good but it’s not better always.

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