Twitter and Twitter Earning Programs

I was on twitter and was discussing about twitter advertising – as these days there are number of sites, which claims to make a earning via twitter platform. But how much true are the claims no one knows – as most of the twitter advertising platform work on the CPC model.

Yes the CPC model – the same thing like adsense or bidvertiser – what is means? Simple how many clicks you tweet makes that much money you will make – since CPC is the best model for advertiser but this can’t be true to many of the twitter users.

Since, they have to draw clicks to their ads in order to earn and these days twitter are flowing and people type one tweet after another – so might be a possibility that the advertisement tweet lost in the tweets – therefore the companies should think of a minimum remuneration per week to make use of that twitter account.

Also, I made out from signing at various programs that most of the tweets followed the same text that was tweet a day or some hours ago – as the possibility of seeing the same tweet is much more – because the advertisement which you tweet just now may have been tweet by other twitter user – so the same advertisement if seen earlier would not draw clicks – even if you have thousands of followers.

So, Should be some refreshed texts every time so as to get most to the advertisers and to the twitter users.

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