Update on My Story with Performancing Ads

All those people who read my yesterday’s post on performancing ads. There is an important update for all those. As you must have read yesterday that what I was facing and I wrote exactly that.

I was Surprised Again
The reason of surprise this time was though positive. Immediately after I finished my post and not more than 1hour or so I received a comment from performancing ads about the trouble I have been having. You can check the comment on yesterday’s post.

Chris from performancing ads not only immediately commented on my post but also used the contact form present in the blog to email me the concern I have having with performancing ads.

I should now thank Chris from performancing ads to immediately act upon my post and took it seriously. He also admitted that contact form present in their website was not working and due to which my emails were not able to delivered.

Solved The Issue
He communicated nicely and addressed my problem seriously and within an hour they rectified the programming problem from their end and was able to remove the false advertisement, which was about to be removed about 2months ago (if I am not wrong).

I am Happy but Not Extremely
Though I am happy that they addressed my problem. But still that advertisement was on my blog for 2months and for this I think I will not be paid.

The real reason I am not extremely happy is because this could be the condition of other bloggers or webmasters too that due to some programming mistake there advertisement could not be removed after the paying period gets over. So this way this is all round loss for the Webmaster community and as mentioned by Chris that their contact form not working all right so might be the case that many webmasters could not contact performancing ads and this is giving advantage to the advertisers.

My Suggestion
I would suggest performancing ads to implement a ticket structure in their website to address all the queries and issues of advertisers/publishers or affiliates. This will give them more stability and will help in building credibility.

As, my issue with performancing ads is almost solved so I am thinking to give them a second try and have their snippet embedded on my blog.

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