Virtual Bookshelf Widget to Showcase Books

Have you ever wondered in creating yourself a virtual shelf for your books and share with your users or family and friends? Then you should read this post. I have recently discovered this widget, and very excited about this.

This widget lets you create your own virtual bookshelf to show off the books you have read or are you interested in. There are many ways you can use this bookshelf widget.

About Shelfari
This is the coolest widget to embed in your site or blog. With the help of this you can display the information of books you have read or are interested in reading.

The new virtual arrangement just looks like the bookshelf and it gives a nice feeling of having it.

You Can Do

As I said with this you can display the books of your choice at the same time you can connect through a platform and write the reviews for the book or else you can share the thoughts with your friends or users.

This is a nice way to share or get some extra information on any book within the virtual shelf.

This is more a kind of social networking dedicatedly developed for books. You can have create your own group and make new friends.

Not only you can embed this widget into your blog but it can also be implemented on any web page. You can easily include your Amazon associate ID. This way you can also make money by displaying books of your interest.


Shelfari: Book reviews on your book blog

Also, you can import your friend list from various accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, and AOL. From Shelfari account you can send invitation email to your entire friend list to join you.

This is nice widget all together as it gives more information sharing and also is user-friendly; at the same time you can enjoy networking and earning.

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