Want to Change My Old Suggestion

When I started my blog – I shared a good deal of information of how to become a bloggers with a sense and how to get the required information – I even shared some of the money making ideas – lot of them worked also – few got failed – and few tricks got old with time passed.

As affiliate marketing is changing at every second – and something new is suggested somewhere on the Internet either with blackhat or white-hat but people are still busy extracting new knowledge to get their stuff refined.

My Previous Posts
I have suggested that how to make your blogging a pleasure for the visitor – what are the basics for the good blogging style. At that time if you are following my blog regularly I suggested the use of pictures related to your niche as this provides some good viewing and make your blog look professional – but this was way back.

Now the channel has changed – and we are in to the blogosphere that is exploding with knowledge and blogs – and people are making this place stuffed – therefore to get your pie in this case the pie means the piece of earning – I would like to change my own saying but this is with the time.

New Suggestion with the Time
If you had observed my blog – I have not been putting images of any kind in my blog content – only if images are too necessary for explaining something – otherwise I am skipping it.

The reason being – I am using the banner instead of simple niche related images from adsense. See, after all the image suggestion of mine in the blogs was to make it look interesting – and the same thing is now done by adsense.

Just choose the banner only option and they will display a big banner related to your niche and if its sounds too interesting with your content which obviously would be – I hope you are getting that you will make money then.

Blog is still look interesting with an interesting banner and it makes sense also with your content and at last you make money also with CPC way or either CPM way. Think this topic in your mind too!

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