Webmaster Questions & Answers with Incentive

We have introduced a new section on Infogle.com and it is called Infogle.com Webmaster Question & Answer.

This section as the heading confirms – dedicated to webmasters and all of their Q&A will be answered here – we have tried to create a section where all the issues could be addressed easily and quickly.

The interface is extremely easy to use – just have to click and post your question by selecting the defined category. We have created the categories for every related niche – so that it widely covers all the topics.

Good Thing About
In every section of Infogle – you will find something different for you – and no exception for this Q&A section. We have introduced a new system in this and I guarantee you will enjoy.

We have Star-rating for all the users – who posts questions or answer the questions – not only points – we respect your efforts that’s why there is an incentive for you upon reaching the Orange color star.

What’s Incentive
We would like to keep it a surprise for you – but I can assure you or let’s say disclose you the surprise will be worth $10 – Yes! True enough – if you reach the Orange-star you will get the surprise gift worth of $10.

Isn’t it good! Solve queries and get rewarded too. Do not think that people crossing over Orange-star will get nothing – there is more surprises waiting for them.

So, gear up and get ready to have your first reward.

Once again – the new section is – Infogle.com Webmaster Question & Answers

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