When Sales Are Down

Its often said among the sales people – that they are having less sale or the sales are on decline – you can say that it is the most common phenomena.

But people often ignore to realize the real reason behind it – if your sales were good before – therefore why it has now declined. There are some basic reasons that you need to take care of whenever you see such a thing in your product sales.

Common Issue
Whenever your sales are down do look for the following points.

  1. There might be a saturation level reached for your product and if this is not the case then you have to search for some other – which are mentioned below – as usually the sales are not down because of reaching to a saturation level.
  2. Competition must have increased and there might be few other people selling the same kind of product.
  3. Your product might have outdated from market – because you have not issued an update.
  4. There might be a better product then yours.

The last and most important reason is because your products download page has not been secured enough and therefore people are downloading your product for free and it may have been available in the warez sites.

Therefore, it is always suggested to keep a check on your product and its competition and you can easily take the help of google in it or hire someone to keep a check on the security or for the market check.

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