Why Did You Started Blogging

I started blogging because I like writing and want to share knowledge that I gather or I get with the world – if I ask this question to you – why did you started your blog?

Pretty tough question isn’t it – because most people around blogosphere don’t know the real reason for starting the blog – likewise people will say that they also want to share information – or may be some promotion.

But cross your heart and say why did you started blogging – was it for money – the fame? Or just for the excitement – as your correct answer will decide the fate for your blogging career.

What are the Correct Choices
You can choose any answer but in my perspective the correct answers would be – to share information and for the real excitement behind blogging makes it a tempting career.

You should feel the blogging – as blogger learns new things every day – every moment. This is what makes blogging more attractive as a career.

If you are running behind the money – then obviously you cannot blog – and if you are not a good learner of things then you should quit blogging.

Also, if you don’t like to update or correct a given knowledge you cannot blog – therefore when you start blogging – you need to be clear in your mind keeping these points intact.

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