Your Survival Guide in Affiliate Marketing

Its been always easy to signup in an affiliate network which offers CPA methods of promotion and almost instantly you get to choose the merchant and put the banners and links on to your website or blog. But the survival is not that easy always.

Watch For
The foremost thing that you must watch while pasting any merchant banner on your website or blog is that the merchants should have a longer cookie duration to track sales. Most merchant offers this for a long duration but some does not.

As cookies are the key factor when it comes to sales in any affiliate network because most user don’t buy on first occasion when they hit the website, so the longer cookie duration increases of your chance to enjoy sales even after the days till user come back.

Payment Options
Driving sales with multiple payment options is always easy because you are giving user an easy and comfort to pay for the product by means, which they feel nice and comfortable. So before signing up or pasting links just make sure that your merchant accepts multiple payment options.

Its always good to track the affiliate network for which you are marketing because there may be a chance that the simple error in the affiliate network script could stop your sales, I have myself noticed this kind in past so it is always advisable to keep a track of clicks and sales at affiliate network.

This is especially beneficial for the affiliates who invest on their merchants’ behalf. A few easy to follow steps and you are on your survival path with your affiliate marketing.

One thought on “Your Survival Guide in Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Always depends upon the affiliate program you are promoting.

    The cookies thing is true for hosting affiliate programs, shopping , ebay , amazon affiliate programs etc. etc.

    On CPA Networks, in case of mobile offers, finance offers, health offers etc, 99% sales happens after the user clicks the banner (in the same session) rather than due to cookie sometime in future.

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