An Easy SEO Explanation

People are do very concern about the SEO and with SEO there are myths more than the logics, which make it even more confusing.

With SEO you need to understand the basics first and few steps in gaining good SEO for your site – First is the On-page SEO and second is Off-page SEO. These two are basic rules around which whole of the optimization revolves.

On-Page SEO
Don’t be confused with the phrase this pertains to the structure of your website and how bots in search engines looks at your website. This structure lays the foundation of your SEO.

If your On-Page SEO is correct and according to the need then it is likely that your site will be crawled more efficiently and effectively by bots.

Off-Page SEO
This term relates to the link structure of your website – by providing bots the necessary information to rank your site on search index. This constitutes of backlinks that your site posses.

Not all backlink structure works as same – since all have various ratings provides by the search engines. For example: Listing in link directories will not provide the good backlink to raise your listing on search index – but having backlink from the article ezines can definitely boost your ranking.

Both the SEO works hand-in-hand and one can’t achieve SEO success without having both correct. Therefore you need to pay attention to the logics first – either revolving around the myths.

Also, do take these basics things as the foremost guidelines for the SEO – and think around them to enhance your website’s SEO.

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