An Easy SEO Trick – Use the Same

When it comes to SEO I don’t know why but people talk very complexly. May be talking complexly make them smart – but as for me I like simple things – to explain and as well as for understanding.

Therefore, I have a simple and easy trick for you on SEO.

Easy SEO Trick
We do optimize content to increase our popularity and get buzz around web so that we could have traffic and earn revenue – either by sales or by advertisements.

The first thing in SEO is to create a buzz of your stuff – that is your website or blog and for creating buzz all the SEO providers use the social platforms such as facebook, twitter, myspace and social bookmarking sites.

The simple trick that you can follow is when you are creating accounts on these various social platforms – just make sure you are using the same name as off your website or product you want to promote.

When you use the same name everywhere it creates buzz automatically and makes search engine to easily recognize that it is you.

Also, I don’t think that I need to mention any details about when so many stuff linking to the one specified location what is the end result to the search listing.

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