Bad Keywords What and How Bad

I was searching for something the other day and when I was searching for a product in google and when entering the keywords for finding the details of that particular product – as you also know on the right side we usually get the advertisement related to the keywords for which search is performed.

But the vague issue was that some of the product advertisements were proper with the keyword but some of the advertisements were not at all matching with the keywords and when I clicked it produced some unrealistic products, which were not at all matching with the keyword.

These were the advertisements which were placed just to get some hits and this is just termed as bad placement or also can term as negative keywords – usually these keywords are entered by starter or misrepresented PPC placement groups – people who have less or no knowledge do these type of mistakes.

These negative keywords are usually a big loss to the businesses and products and also gives a wrong impression to the user who is visiting the website for the first time.

I duly urge that do not use such fake keywords to bring traffic to your website – in some sense this is also due to the frustrated marketers or the placement agencies who try to claim they are pro in the PPC placement business but at last landing to this negative keyword territory.

If you are trying for google PPC advertisements then before going to any placement agencies log in to the placement account and try the keyword feature – you will be presented with some good keyword ideas.

Then, after have a pre-study of the system then go to any placement agencies and tell them to process the placement for your business.

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