Before Buying Links from Link Traders

When you think about buying links from link traders – there are many links traders on the Internet and few of them offer very attractive pricing and other pioneer link traders offer a premium pricing.

Therefore often people get confused that which link trader to go with – I would not be able to comment on the quality of any particular link trader but would like to point out a few valid points that you need to take care of – when deciding to buy links.

Trading Links
When you opt for any link-trading partner – it usually provides you with a list of number of sites with their PR information. Then when you pay them – they affix your website URL with their website partner.

But as it looks it is not that simple and people are usually tricked and often misrepresent of the fact that makes things dusky.

How to Trade
I would suggest buying links on monthly basis – rather than going for yearly. Might be possible that yearly payment looks cheap – but it would rather not be.

Often new link trading partners – place your links on monthly basis on other websites – and they don’t renew after that. Leading to a mishap on your backlinks – you cant even file for a refund – since the time is over.

You are left with nothing in hand –money gone – links vanished and your ranking drops – A complete grief situation.

Therefore, before opting for any link trading partner – you need to be sure and Google their name to find out is everything all right with them.

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