Behind the Scenes of Traffic Sites

You must have seen advertisements about getting traffic to your sites – these sites usually have very tempting offers so that people get enroll to it. But the truth behind the scene is quite bitter.

As the internet and sites are growing these days – its getting harder even for the genuine content sites to get decent amount of traffic and this is the only reason you see a lot of traffic providing sites.

Traffic Sites NO
When you are falling short of traffic on your sites, this is the time when you start looking for traffic providing sites – and this is when your trouble starts.

I am not saying all – but lots of traffic providing sites are not genuine as they claim to be – when you subscribe to them in order to get boasted traffic to your sites – they usually switch on their traffic bots on to your domain.

Traffic Bots What are They
Traffic bots is the tool designed to provide auto-hits to your website and these bots got even smarter with time as they do provide fake clicks too.

If you are using traffic bots to raise your Alexa ranking it might not be a trouble – but if you have adsense on your site – then the trouble starts because adsense has strict policy on the use of bots on sites and to auto-clicks.

Hence, all this will lead to ban of your adsense account.

There is not a proper way to detect the genuine traffic providing sites – but usually follow the referral information – if some of your friend has subscribed and has got the genuine traffic then do subscribe for it.

I will be doing some research on how to find genuine traffic sites and will soon post a new blog post about it.

3 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of Traffic Sites”

  1. One guy’s scam is another person’s livelihood. I guess it depends on if you actually do the work or not. It’s require a lot of effort to sit on your ass, doing nothing, then say the company was a scam. If you are looking for an real opportunity.

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