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To know the real rank of any website is always controversial as some believe in alexa rating and some believe in Google Rank. But it’s not at all known to anybody, which is more authentic.

IZEA Rating System
There is new but powerful rating system dedicated to blogs. This is far best and fair system to calculate the blog ranking. The site is excellent looking and user friendly. It gives the good graphic display of results.

How it works
IZEA system works on the percentage slab distributed among the various variables. Such as:

  1. 70% on daily unique visitors.
  2. 20% on daily active inbound links.
  3. 10% on daily page views.

As other sources reports on traffic sub-sampling, inbound links and external data, IZEA utilizes the ITA toolkit to provide real visitor data collected from the actually code which the blog users embed in their blogs.

How to Get Ranked
Very easy to get started and get ranked by IZEA rankings. Just need to follow the steps below and you can configure your blog to collect the real rankings.

Step1: Need to signup to have your account.
Step2: Install ITK tool kit (a piece of code) that verifies your blog ownership.
Step3: Just verify in your account that whether all done correctly. If yes then you get started to rank.

More about IZEA
In your account you have the option to let others know about the visitors number or the unique visitors number to other or not. You can view top100 blogs as rated by IZEA ranks.

IZEA also provides tool to the pro webmasters, who wants to have the API facility.

All in all IZEA is becoming the favorite choice of advertisers who wanted fair data accumulation to know about the real facts about the blog they are looking for to advertise on. Therefore, get yourself listed in the IZEA and rank your blog.

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