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I do think everyone on their blogs have the sitemaps plugin installed – if not then you are probably losing a good chance to get your content listed on search index.

Also, for those who have installed that plugin you need to be watchful for things. This blog post is regarding that only.

On My Blog
I do have installed the sitemap plugin – as this plugin notifies the search index of the new content and then bots arrive and crawl the content from my blog – this is the simple work compilation of sitemaps.

Now, what happens when sitemaps don’t work the way they are configured to work – there is an option in the plugin configuration to auto-build the sitemap whenever new content is added to the blog – but this configuration does not always work – in my case it never worked.

Therefore, I have to manually click on the rebuild sitemap link and then plugin works and makes the XML sitemaps for the respective search engines.

Don’t just push the rebuild sitemap button – when you have just one or two fresh articles – but do press the button when you have more than two fresh content pieces. This way your fresh content is added almost instantly to search index.

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