Dedicated Video Section on Funny and Webmaster

You can say that we are having lot of updates on – we are adding lot of new sections and upgrading old ones. As we do feel the need for the upgrade and addition – this was needed.

Moving ahead in the series of updates there is one more dedicated section added on Infogle and it is called Tube.Infogle.

Watch Videos
This will serve as a dedicated section for viewing selected videos online. The videos will be from Funny and Webmasters genre.

We stream and select videos from various sources and are embedded to this section, for your ease viewing.

Now, why this two genres only, because while going through all the technical details and techy stuff for webmasters there is always a need for a lighter side to relax the mind and keep the interest intact.

Subscribe to Feeds
You can subscribe to Tube.Infogle feeds to keep yourself updated – when there is new video added.

Now, you don’t have to search for funny and Webmaster videos elsewhere, as this section will serve your purpose and select the best possible videos.

Visit at:

Do let me know if you have any suggestion or anything.

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