Do Name Helps in Website or Blogs

When you are about to start a new website or blog – there is hefty search for the correct name. But does it all depend on the name?

I would reckon – that just the name plays it important and not actually the real work behind that website or blog.

Sometimes It works and Sometimes Not
If you talk about the name of any website or blog – sometimes it works – as name gives the catchiness that is required by any Webmaster – so that people could easily remember the name and revisit.

But if you are thinking that just doing the name ceremony and fixing a catchy name could bring back the user or visitor then you are thinking no good.

Foremost Thing
You need to understand one basic and foremost thing that Internet works on content – therefore, you need to include the same and then the catchy name does the trick.

Name Does Works
Its also correct that choosing the keyword in your name does helps in SEO and this way its not that much dependent on your content.

Your content could not be that par with quality – but if you have the precise keyword in your domain name – bingo! It will help rank your website organically.

Therefore, you need to first select the purpose of your name – whether you are choosing it for the one significance purpose then you do include the keyword and it will help in ranking – otherwise choosing a catchy name will also demand including meaningful content to rank better.

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