Domain .COM Extension and SEO

What about, if you register any domain extension would it do well in search engines or not. People usually think this way.

I have been tossed this question many times in this week and this is the reason I am writing blog post about it. People still think that domain extension plays an important role.

Reality of Domain Extension and SEO
People think that they should be getting .COM as the domain extension because .COM is good for SEO and search engines crawl them.

I don’t know what made them to draw to this conclusion. But this is not true.

How can search engines favor any domain extension? Search engines hunt for the content and they list the useful and meaning content to their indexes.

For example
If you search for football the site, which is having .COM, will list above and site with other extension will list down – despite of not having much details in the .COM domain. How can someone think like this?

Search engines works on various others factors – such as backlinks count – traffic the site is getting. How much genuine the traffic is and various other things.

Search engines do only want to have quality content – and they only work on content and not on the domain extension.

Do think logical way!

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