Easy to Get in Google Search Update

In accordance with my previous post about, easy to get your blog post in search result – this post is an update to that method. As I mentioned earlier that not only feedburner and twitter stats plays the trick.

Get To the Search Result
People try to get followers through feedburner and many other ways and also optimize the content and website in various ways – but as Google implemented social circle to its search result – now feedburner is not the only way.

I will explain it – as you might have read my previous post about social circle in search results – it means the user who added you in Gmail or Gtalk will see your blog post in the search query if there is any matching keyword.

It’s Easy Now
I think its easy now to get your content optimized – or you can say that there is another hand in SEO which can be effective to get precise search result entry to the end user.

Now, for this you need to have tons of Gmail or Gtalk users, which can be quite tough. But if you can manage this – then you will directly penetrate in to the search result of the user.

I will search some other ways that how to get tons of Gtalk or Gmail genuine friends, who directly or indirectly might be interested in your niche.

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