Easy to Get Your Blog Post in Search Result

The search results have taken itself to the next level – now it’s not about the feedburner or twitter stats that just matters more. Few more things also have come into existence. The new changes to the search result have made things more interesting.

New Google Search Results Changes
Yesterday I was searching for something on Google and when I saw the search results I get quite excited. I personally feel this is the good change that Google has done in order to help many.

At the bottom of the search result I found that there was a blog entry related to my search query. To my surprise I never subscribed to it – but a small text was written beside the name of the person with saying, “connected via Gmail”.

Google Social Circle
This was social circle entry in search results, this does mean that who ever you are subscribed to or added to your contact list or in your Gtalk list, there blog post, twitter entry, facebook entry will be displayed in the search result.

Happy Adding
You don’t have to do anything else if you are already a feedburner user then your blog posts will be automatically crawled and shown in the social circle results, and also to the user who have added you either on feedburner, Gtalk or Gmail.

It’s quite good – in terms of getting more clicks and you don’t have to optimize your content in order to get listed yourself in search result.

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