Essentials of Posting Your Blog Feed

Blogging platforms may be many and there could be many versions of blogging tips, which one could follow – exasperate to our will. But it is a fact that there are tons of tips webbing around the blogging world.

Blogger could even find some of the search engine optimization (SEO) tips to enhance and replenish their blog writing with these tips – some are useful for beginners and others may be for the pro bloggers – but believe me a fact that pro bloggers don’t like to follow the tips of any one. True! They make their own.

Playing around in blogging world is normal, we all do – but cuspate you in the blogging world – needs to have follow trial and error method – this is what I believe and do to make something new.

We all have to believe a fact that Google rules the search and because of this all the SEO and plugins are alive. Therefore foremost aim for the blogger is to have their blog post indexed in the Google.

It may happens to many others too as it has happened to me also – sometimes Google don’t like to crawl your blog for a week or for some days and this is the period when bloggers lose their patience – because there’s no one to appreciate.

Simple post your blog feed at various places – either automatically or manually – I would suggest posting your feed automatically as it saves time and increase productivity.

You can auto-post your blog feed to the following:

  1. Twitter
  2. Social Bookmarking websites
  3. Forums (which have feed option to embed)

What will happen is when sometime Google is not crawling your blog feed – your post will be posted to other places and Google can crawl them – and list in search index. So that someone when search for it they will get your content viewable either on these sites also – but usually these sites only embed the heading and some starting part of your post and then link to your particular blog post.

This way you will still be revived of blog traffic – example that happened to me also – I had written a post “Page Rank Gets Crazy” and you can search this heading in Google and see the result yourself – my feed auto-posted on twitter is on first position and my blog post is on second.

Post your feed all over and enjoy the easy way of optimizing your blog.

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