Fizz – Bubbles of Information

I have always been a great fan of digg and stumble and how the way they collect the information and publicize.

Always wanted to start the same kind of service, so I thought to start this right way before its too-too late.
This is the name of infogle’s digg like service “FIZZ” bubbles of information. It’s not dedicated to some specific niche; you can submit your all kinds of links belonging to the categories available at FIZZ.

Formed from
You must have known of a script called pligg. It’s just the pligg script modified with a template. Pligg is an open source script and you can easily download and start the same kind of service if you like.

Why to Submit
It is though obvious question when you have dig and stumble then what was the need for it, FIZZ to be formed.

The very simple answer is to give the maximum exposure to the webmasters so that they could have more options available for stumbling and digging.

You could feel like it is not formed correctly, so kindly share your thoughts about the FIZZ and what features could be included in this.

Depending on the traffic I would like to implement an adsense revenue sharing module too, which could give nice traffic for the users and earning at the same time.

So, use it and FIZZ the World Wide Web.

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