Get More SEO Advantage in Directory Submissions

We all have known directories and how easy is to submit your website to the directories. Before it was used for gaining PR value – but now as Google has dropped PR – so now Directories are often used for gaining some backlink value and mostly for the traffic.

There are kinds of directories such as deep linking directory – which are leading the directories from the front. Since they are not just the link farms and actually let you submit more than one link of your website.

This is what google likes about the deep linking directory and actually not mark the website submitted as spam – because it has been linking to more than one link of your website.

Normal Directory Submissions
Same you can also use with the normal directories – How?

When you opt for any directory submission – just make sure that you give almost 5-10 links of your website – therefore, if you opt for 1000 directory submissions – just make sure that your given 10links are submitted equally to the directories – i.e., every link has to submitted to 100-directories only.

With this – you are almost doing the deep linking submissions – as different directories are linking to the different links of your website.

Also, you need to understand that when you do directory submissions – don’t just do all the submissions at once – it is always recommended to do gradual submissions over the period of time – so as to gain more SEO advantage.

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