Google 2011 Algorithm and Falling Rankings

We all know what are we doing isn’t it? Our current actions would take us where and all other things. Why am I saying this? Confused?

This is regarding the search ranking declines – you will relate to my beginning lines later in the post. But all are extremely worried when they see the sudden fall in the ranking.

These days, this falling syndrome is reaching to greater extent – due to Google’s new search algorithm, which is slashing sites. Therefore, if you are the one who have been hit due to this, then there has been some reason for it.

Why Ranking Falls
Most important reason after Google’s 2011 Algorithm change is due to the content present in your site. The ranking falls because of the following reasons:

  1. You might have included some of the duplicated content on your site. Just double-check there might be some.
  2. You must have included the re-written content and the degree of re-writing was bad enough.
  3. The content you have written was no good to the content community (i.e. Google) and previous writings on the same topic might be more interesting.

When Ranking Falls
As I said in the beginning lines – you know what you have done wrong. You might have included duplicated content – so for now, just remove the duplicated content – with the unique content and see how fast Google crawls you back. It’s simple science.

Google only wants unique content and with 2011 Google algorithm they have been very strict with their unique content policy. Therefore, keep a check on your actions before Google drops your site.

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