Google Finally Dropped Page Rank

The urge that many webmasters were saying and believing the fact has finally come true. It might be good news for a group and bad for the other group, but the best part is the confusion is over and we can see a transparent Webmaster system.

The change has finally happened and google has dropped their very own piece of rank to web page that is Page Rank (PR). You can now see he google Webmaster page and you will not find the page rank statistics.

So, the fact that I was writing about since long time that page rank has got no significance in the web world. It was just misguide and does not even reflect the one percent of website worth. Don’t believe me just search my older post in SEO Talk category.

Google has finally realized and corrected this piece of tool, which created an unreal buzz among the Webmasters and search engine marketers. Giving the new dimension to optimization I truly welcome this step from google. Now at least search engine marketers and agencies will not indulge their clients for gaining the fake cause of getting a good PR.

But you will still find google PR information in the toolbar because they have the brand now, since removing from webmaster area is an indication that it is not needed by webmaster community any more.

Therefore, all you hungry people for PR, now have a break and search for something new to actually fill your carve.

Big Thanks to Google for spreading the true light in Webmaster community.

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