Google is About to Change Ranking Algorithm

All set and Google has finally decided to change its ranking algorithm – the news has been confirmed from an inside source. Therefore you could see some major up and downs in the ranking soon.

What is the Reason
Google has decided to take this initiative because of some blackhat SEO techniques by which some spammers were successful in getting their site listed on the top results of Google. First company ignored such techniques but few days back when the top results were highly manipulated then they have to decide to make this change.

Also, some basic reason could be if they could not make the change soon and the top results continue to lead to spam or malicious pages then its likely that Google will soon lose his trusty worthy users.

I think this is a bitter reality of search industry that not all things can be controlled even at Google end and there is always a blackhat technique for every kind. Therefore Google has to make something that cannot be cracked easily.

Thought Google did not officially confirm the news but the change is likely to happen in very near future.

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