Google Recently Changed Algorithm – Nov 2011 Update

Google recently changed its search algorithm to list search results more effectively. This change was due – as Google had stopped the “Realtime Search” results.

Changed Algorithm Nov 2011
With new Google search policy it is very obvious to get the top-results very quickly and precisely.

How this will affect you and what does it says to do.

The new Google search algorithm (Nov 2011) will list the fresh written content above the old content – but this is not all true.

Fresh content from the current trending topics will be listed above – like a recent happening in the world – or may be any company’s quarterly result. For example: if you search for “Apple Q4” result it will list the current result topics above and last year “Q4” result.

For the old content – You really don’t have to worry – if that is about some firm topic and is not in the current trending list – it will be sorted as previously.

google search

I do doubt the future of backlinks – because if Google starts sorting the results automatically then how the backlink ratio will be defined.

This is a clear indication that Google now wants the fresh content on daily basis. Therefore, to have a good amount of organic traffic quickly you should now include the current trending topics more frequently.

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